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In the next couple weeks you may notice changes in our web design–but don’t worry, the content is all still there. We are updating our design to better comply with standards for “mobile friendly” design. If you visit our site on your cell phone or tablet, you’ll likely find it much easier to navigate in both “mobile” style and “full site” style.

Screenshot of website on phoneBut it’s not just cell phone users we are trying to support: With the launch of our Member only site, we are removing some features from this site, to make it easier for non-members to find the resources they need.

In this process, you may see a few design features that don’t look “quite right,” but rest assured that those will be ironed out by within a week or two.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on our new design.

Maiden Voyage of a Kinematics Robot

Matt Greenwolfe, a long-time physics modeler, recently had an article published in The Physics Teacher (April 2015) describing a robotic kinematics apparatus he designed. Students program the robot by drawing kinematic graphs on a computer and then observe its motion. The full article is available on the Publications and Report page under the [Research] tab. Enjoy.

Modeling Method & NGSS Practices

Modeling teachers are often asked how well Modeling Instruction aligns with the NGSS Science & Engineering Practices.  A group of modelers worked on such a document and now it’s ready for members to download. We hope it proves helpful to Modeling teachers in their discussions with curriculum directors and other teachers.

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