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AMTA is an professional organization of teachers, by teachers and for teachers who utilize Modeling Instruction in their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching practice. Its mission is to provide professional development for science teachers in the Modeling Method of Instruction, to provide resources that support the use of Modeling Instruction in physics, chemistry, biology and middle school science classrooms, to support and enable collaboration among Modelers–to foster brilliant teaching and deep learning. 

Modeling Instruction, under continuous development since 1990 under the leadership of David Hestenes (Emeritus Professor of Physics, Arizona State University), corrects many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method of teaching science, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and the persistence of naive beliefs about the physical world. Unlike traditional approaches to teaching science, in which students wade through an endless stream of seemingly unrelated topics, Modeling Instruction organizes each course around a small number of scientific models that form the content core of the discipline, thus making the course coherent. It applies structured inquiry techniques to the teaching of basic skills: (the Next Generation Science Standards call these Science and Engineering Practices) in mathematical modeling, proportional reasoning, quantitative estimation and technology-enabled data collection and analysis.. Continue reading Welcome

Contribute to AMTA when you buy whiteboards

AMTA has entered an agreement with WhiteBoardsUSA in which they will donate to AMTA 10% of all sales to our members. All you need to do is mention that you are an AMTA member, and they will send us a check!

group around a whiteboardFor ten years, WhiteBoardsUSA has been distributing class-size whiteboards (23.6″ x 31.6″) in both portrait and landscape formats (each has a handhold cutout which determines if the board is landscape or portrait). They thought a ten-year anniversary would be a good time to offer a fundraising opportunity for AMTA–we appreciate their thought and encourage you to think of whiteboardsUSA for your next whiteboard purchase.

whiteboard being routedThese boards aren’t as cheap as buying them and having them cut at your local big-box lumber store, but they have smoothed/ rounded edges and the handhold cutout that you won’t get going “on the cheap.”

If your budget will allow it, we encourage you to purchase from whiteboardsUSA–click here and be sure to mention you are an AMTA member when you purchase so we get our donation!

If you place an order with WhiteboardsUSA, please let us know we we can judge how well this campaign is going:

Maiden Voyage of a Kinematics Robot

Matt Greenwolfe, a long-time physics modeler, recently had an article published in The Physics Teacher (April 2015) describing a robotic kinematics apparatus he designed. Students program the robot by drawing kinematic graphs on a computer and then observe its motion. The full article is available on the Publications and Report page under the [Research] tab. Enjoy.

Supporting Modeling Instruction around the USA and the world.

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