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    Jim Deane

    Sorry, first posted this under Colleen’s first post in this forum.  Oops!


    My co-teacher and I are teaching 10th grade physical science for the first time.  Previously we have taught 10th grade introductory physics or (previous years) 9th grade introductory physics.  We have used modeling methods since 2009.  I took a physics modeling workshop at Emporia State in 2009 (1-week), and my colleague adopted some of the modeling instruction and curriculum from me.


    We looked at the modeling physical science curriculum materials, but it didn’t fit the specs we need for the class.  We need to run a semester of chemistry topics and a semester of physics topics to ‘mesh’ properly with online and alternative programs in the district.  It needs to be at a very low math level, and we will supplement or add in mathematical topics depending on the level of the class.  We currently run regular PS and advanced PS classes, with the only difference being the math we expect them to be able to do.


    We’re open to discussion and suggestions, and I’ll be sharing with others as we figure out what we’re doing.


    I noticed this was posted a while ago but nothing else. I am new to modeling (just took my workshop two weeks ago) and I am having the same issue with the modeling materials as I flip through them. I need a semester of chemistry and a semester of physics also with relatively low math levels. I am noticing that the chemistry is limited. It does not go into the periodic table, bonding, and naming that I need and when I look at the Chemistry folders a lot of it seems to expect the students to know it from Physical Science (I also had this same issue with my Chemistry Workshop). So I would love to hear of any updates or how you managed to do this. Any materials you would be willing to share would also be welcomed. Thanks for any help ^_^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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