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    Jocelyn Petitto


    My school is facing some massive budget cuts and, since I am qualified, I will be teaching both math and science.  My principal said that I may be teaching a blocked Alg1/Physical Science course (full year course, possibly on a block schedule, back to back periods or lumped onto this 1/2 hour period we have during the day).  This set up is my dream as I had an easier time learning Calculus from my Physics teacher many moons ago in the context of physics taught via Modeling than I did in my traditional Calc class.

    I am trying to find the best resources to start tentatively planning this course.  I do not currently use modeling in the Alg 1 courses I am teaching.  I am a first year teacher and can’t seem to find much in the way of resources re: modeling math.  However, I am hoping this potentially integrated course would give me the space to develop some methods.

    Thoughts?  Suggestions for materials/books/anything?

    Thank you!



    Jane Jackson

    I recommend these resources, based upon many years of reading modelers’ listserv posts and asking them about their teaching.

    For valuable insights:  In 2000-01 a team of two experienced teachers in Modeling Instruction taught a successful integrated algebra and mechanics course to 9th grade Hispanic and African-American students at a high poverty urban public school. Read their insightful account on two webpages:
    Title: Integrated math and physics in 9th grade in urban Phoenix public school
    [at http://modeling.asu.edu/successStories_MI.htm ]
    Title: Ninth grade algebra/physics course for disadvantaged students (2003)
    [at  http://modeling.asu.edu/listserv.html  ]
    They used the mechanics modeling materials. but consider using the 9th grade adaptations.

    The following modeling materials are suitable for 9th grade physical science.  The first three resources are on the AMTA website; and all are on the password-protected “Participants Resources” webpage, accessible from http://modeling.asu.edu/modeling-HS.html . For the password, email jane.jackson@asu.edu, or ask your Modeling Workshop leader.
    * underpinnings & 2 units on matter & energy that were developed for our Physical Science with Math Modeling Workshop. David Hestenes guided Larry Dukerich and Jeff Hengesbach in this work.
    * Unit 1 of the modeling chemistry materials.
    *  Beginning units in CASTLE electricity, modified for Modeling Instruction.
    * Some of the 64 resources for MATH MODELING that Kelli Gamez Warble developed and used through 2007 in her high school courses from remedial algebra to calculus. Kelli has co-led Modeling Workshops in physics since 1998.
    * mechanics: 9th grade adaptations by the Clayton High School group (led by Rex & Debbie Rice) or the Shady Side Academy group (led by Kathy Malone).


    *  Physics Union Mathematics     http://pum.rutgers.edu/
    PUM is a physics/physical science curriculum that strongly links middle and high school physics curricula and builds on the intrinsic mathematical reasoning to develop and strengthen students’ mathematical concepts at the pre-algebra, algebra and algebra 2 levels.  The theoretical foundation of PUM is ISLE, which is similar to Modeling Instruction.

    *  Core-Plus Mathematics, one of five high school math programs
    rated as exemplary by the U.S. Department of Education.  http://www.wmich.edu/cpmp

    *  College Preparatory Math  http://cpm.org
    A grassroots effort started by northern California math teachers. A non-profit organization to improve grades 6-12 math instruction.


    Jane Jackson

    I mistyped the URL in my first paragraph above. It is:    Title: Integrated math and physics in 9th grade in urban Phoenix public school
    [at http://modeling.asu.edu/SuccessStories_MI.htm ]

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