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    I am considering switching to a modeling approach for all of our physics classes at my high school. I have one immediate concern: when I look at the sample curicula, it looks as though Mechanics will take my entire school year (about 140 class days)! Is that what Modelers do?

    Joe Kess
    Wethersfield HS
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    I have been modeling regular and honors physics for a few years now and I typically finish mechanics around February/March. After that I have either went into waves, sound and light or directly into E/M with Castle material.

    I have talked to several other teachers from other IL schools that tend to take the regular level physics classes all the way to April with mechanics.

    I hope this helps,



    I generally tried to finish by January 31 and ended up finishing by the end of February.


    Kay Fincher

    We finish all of the mechanics units by the end of the 4th six weeks. We emphasize forces and energy the most. That leaves plenty of time for waves and some electricity and light as required by our state standards. I must add, however, that we don’t go into depth on circular motion since it’s not a big requirement in our state.

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