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    Hi Everyone,

    I need your help.  I have attended two Physics Modeling Workshops out of state.  Now, because of the gains I have seen in my own students understanding of science concepts and I want to share Modeling with others in our area, I would like to organize a Chemistry Modeling Workshop in my area.  I don’t really know where to begin, except I have support form our local Intermediate School District.  I need all the advice I can gather to get this off the ground.


    JoAnn Flejszar

    Muskegon, MI


    Jane Jackson

    JoAnn and all,

    In past years, anyone who wanted to host or organize a Modeling Workshop would contact me, and I would advise them on strategies.  Starting in 2013 (this year), the AMTA is overseeing all Modeling Workshops. Thus I am helping Colleen Megowan and our new Administrative Assistant, Wendy Heheman, learn to oversee Modeling Workshops.

    Thus please e-mail me, and I will get you started, and I will include Colleen and Wendy in the process.

    JoAnn: you are in a good situation, for Laura Ritter and Don Pata have organized mechanics Modeling Workshops  in the Detroit region via the local Intermediate School District for three summers. Their strategy can readily be adapted for you — and their teachers can recruit participants for your workshop.


    leigh ann eriks

    I am a new member and teach in Grand Rapids, MI. Let me know if you are organizing a Chemistry modeling workshop.

    Leigh Eriks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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