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    John Walters


    I’m a NYC physics teacher looking forward to attending my first modeling workshop this summer! I’m excited at the prospect of teaching a 9th grade physics course with modeling instruction, but it doesn’t seem like there are adapted 9th grade materials in the instructional resources. I notice that on the old website the Participant Resources link makes mention of them, but my new associate membership here doesn’t give me access to them. Is there any way I can get my hands on those materials? Even if they’re from several years back.




    Kelly Cox

    John, did you ever get a reply on this? I also could use these materials, since I’m stretching a former 1-semester class to a full-year 9th grade physics class at my new school.

    I can’t see a way to email you from this forum, so I’m hoping we get a reply or individual emails.


    John Walters

    Hi Kelly,

    I ended up emailing Mark Schober, and he sent me the full suite of 9th grade materials the next day!


    Jane Jackson

    Larry Dukerich will post these two versions of mechanics units for 9th grade physics:
    *  by Kathy Malone and her colleagues at Shady Side Academy (added in 2010),
    *  by Rex & Debbie Rice & Gabe de la Paz at Clayton High School (added in 2007).
    on the AMTA website, available only to AMTA members.   — Jane Jackson


    Kofi Donnelly

    Hi all,
    Looking for the materials that Jane mentioned, but don’t see an active link to any materials. Any update on this?



    Michael Kelley

    Larry, Jane, anyone?

    There’s a placeholder on the resource page for members, but no clickable link. Has anyone found modeling resources for a Physics First sequence?



    Kofi and Michael: Sorry for the delay, but we have now posted the page with information on Modeling physics first materials. Here’s a link to the page. There you will find 9th grade materials from two schools.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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