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    Jacqueline Barge

    I am new to this bio modeling and new to teaching biology. I don’t really understand how the thirsty bird simulation works. When is data recorded? I understand the class data sheet but I am not sure where data sheets 1 & 2 come in.  The instructions also call for only forks to start. When do you introduce the spoons?



    Tracy Pace

    I just finished the thirsty bird simulation (I am finishing the 2nd graph today). The data sheets are the tally sheets for the kids to use as they mate and reproduce. The spoons are only introduced in part II. I abbreviated some of this simulation—but it still took a long time—my kids had trouble with the reproduction process and “doubling up” after they chose their offspring. Not really sure why, but other than that it worked really nicely. I will see today how well they can reason through their data. I need to look at some better management techniques for this sim next time. Any suggestions from others?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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