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    Doug Wick

    Hi modelers,

    I am a new modeler and am equipping a physics modeling lab. Given the legacy equipment I have inherited, it would cost me exactly the same amount to use Go-Links or to use Lab Pros to finish out the lab. (The arithmetic: I need 9 lab stations, and I own 4 Lab Pros. I am assuming that 2 go-links would be needed for each lab station, so 18 * $61 for that path. Or, buy 5 more lab pros, so 5 * 220.) First, am I correct in assuming that both would work? I will be using Logger Pro and a typical assortment of probes (motion sensors, dual range force sensors…). Second, if either would work, which would you recommend?


    Doug Wick
    Branson School
    Ross, CA


    Doug Wick

    Howdy, all.

    I got many prompt and helpful answers from the listserv. In case anyone stumbles across the question here, I’ll summarize the responses: go with lab quest minis as the first choice, lab pros as the second choice (they require power), and go-links only as a last resort. The go-links are not compatible with digital sensors such as motion detectors.


    Doug Wick


    David Arner

    I’ve had good luck with the go links, but I’ve also been teaching strictly mechanics and don’t need as many sensors. For motion sensors I use the go motion sensors. For me I want as few interfaces for the students as possible. So the simple plug and play that the Go sensors is convenient.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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