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    I created a “Pencast” PDF file (animated with voiceover) that show the whiteboard conclusions my class arrives at. This is designed for students who need/want to “revisit” the board meeting, but it is not the board meeting: It is my voice speaking as I go through the conclusions we arrived during the ‘board meeting.’

    A note: I use TI graphing calculators to generate linear and quadratic regression equations, and this conclusion depends on using this method. Students find the y=ax^2+bx+c equation for their position/time graph, then we generate a series of tangents to create a v/t data table, which is then graphed and y=mx+ b calculated. By comparing the values of a & b and m and b, students are able to determine the meaning of a and b in the y=ax^2 + bx + c equation (the pencast shows this).



    I’d like to download the “Pencast.” Would you pls upload? Or should I request by email?



    I thought I had attached it, but I don’t see it. I’ll post it this weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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