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AMTA memberships expire one year after the date on which you joined. If it’s time to renew your membership please choose the appropriate membership category from the list below, enter your username in the space provided and click the “Buy Now” button. You will be taken to Paypal to complete the transaction.

Membership Categories
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If you prefer to pay by check rather than Paypal, you may download a form that you can fill out and mail in.

Thank you for being a part of the Modeling teacher community. Your support makes the continued availability of Modeling Workshops and curriculum resources possible.


AMTA has a membership renewal thank you gift for the first 350 teachers who renew their membership this summer. If you provide your mailing address at the time of renewal we will send you a 2 GB wristband flash drive that has the entire Modeling curriculum resource library pre-installed on it.

amta flash drive wristband




19 Responses to Renew your AMTA membership

  1. Crista Smothers says:

    Regarding the flash drive, I did not see a place to put in my address when renewing. My profile has my address information. Is that sufficient?

  2. Mike says:

    I renewed my membership, but couldn’t log in using my username and password. I tried to update my password and the site says that the username provided didn’t exist. I tried several different versions, but none worked. What do I do now?!

    • Colleen says:

      Hi Mike,
      I just looked at our membership database and your membership status is current. It does take us a little while to do the renewal updates as we do not receive the notice of renewal payment from Paypal instantly.

      I will contact you by email with your username–let me know if you need me to reset your password for you.


  3. Lynne Barden says:

    I just joined AMTA using pay pal. I did not attempt to do so as a renewed membership, but as a new membership. Perhaps that was a mistake. After I paid the dues using Pay pal, I tried to log in with the email address you currently use to send notices to me. I am not able to log in because it says I have the wrong username, which I assumed is my email address. (Last year Notre Dame paid for my membership and enrolled me. This year I am funding it myself.) Now how do I access my account?

  4. Jennifer Pakkala says:

    I received my flashdrive in the mail but the working end of it is smashed (damaged during shipping?) and it is now useless for anything other than a bracelet. i was looking forward to the files on it. :(

  5. Scott Hertting says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I was able to log in with my user name and password, but was not able to browse the Curriculum materials. I had thought I re-newed, but maybe that was something else. Anyway, would you please check my membership details and reply back via the email address on my profile.

    Thanks in advance for your help with this, I really appreciate it.

  6. Lloyd Beal says:

    Are the answer keys located anywhere on the website?

  7. Colleen says:

    There are answer keys for the first 6 chapters of the Chemistry curriculum on the chemistry curriculum page. The rest of the chemistry answer keys are in preparation.

    Most physics teachers have made their own answer keys while they were attneding modeling workshops, but it is our plan to make keys and add them to the website over the coming year. If there is a particular question or worksheet that you are looking for a key for, I suggest you post a request on the AMTA listserv. I am sure you will hear from a number of teachers who are willing to share theirs. Just make sure you don’t post them on the web–we don’t want students to be able to do a web search for individual questions and find posted solutions.

  8. Jim Deane says:

    Also remember that many of the questions do not (or should not) have a single “right” answer. It is good to allow a number of types of correct answers to be given and discussed during a whiteboard discussion.

  9. Rodger Sperling says:

    I did renew my membership however the material still is not available? Can you please let me know what I have to do so I can access the actual material.


  10. Kathe Hetter says:

    I just renewed using my credit card, not PayPal and I cannot log in as a member. Does the credit card renewal take a few days?

  11. Mark Stolze says:

    My school system sent a check to AMTA for a 12-month renewal on my membership. I need to give them a confirmation of the membership renewal. How can I get that confirmation?

  12. JoAnn Manor Flejszar says:

    Am I able to use the “free one year membership” for attending a workshop this summer to renew my membership?

    JoAnn Manor Flejszar

    • Jonathan Reinhard says:

      I have the same question. I’m currently an Associate Member and have just attended my first workshop. I have the new member code (free 1-year membership) and would like to upgrade/continue my membership with the code.

  13. Colleen says:

    yes. the update must be done manually however. your workshop leader was supposed to let you know to email me directly to get that taken care of.

  14. Melia Hellmann says:

    I have an activation code for a membership from a modeling course I took this summer, but I do not see how to renew my membership with it. Do I need to create a new membership?
    Thank you for any help!

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