“Modeling Instruction has changed the way I teach chemistry”

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By Gerri St. Clair, Chemistry Teacher, Sullivan South High School, Kingsport, TN

Modeling Instruction has changed the way I teach chemistry

I have taught Chemistry at Sullivan South High School for 20+ years and nothing has changed my style of teaching more than attending the Modeling Chemistry workshops for 10 days each in June 2012 and June 2013 at East Tennessee State University. Continue reading “Modeling Instruction has changed the way I teach chemistry”

On the matter of textbooks

A number of modelers have described the dilemma they face convincing school officials that textbooks are the not best way to spend limited funds.  Who needs textbooks? is a two-page document by Larry Dukerich that expresses a view held by some modelers the purchase of textbooks may not be the best way to use your school’s limited resources.

Physics First units published

link to AAPT Physics first pageAMTA is pleased to announce that we are making available “Physics First” units developed by Modelers around the country.

Many high schools have seen the value of an introductory physics course, usually changing the traditional Biology-Chemistry-Physics sequence with Physics-Chemistry-Biology. Teachers at Shady Side Academy (Pittsburgh, PA) and in St. Louis, MO have modified Modeling physics units to address the needs of ninth graders (since the Modeling materials were generally developed for the traditional junior/senior level course).

These files can be downloaded from our new Physics First page.

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