Spring 2017 Modeling Physics at ASU

Arizona State University

Spring 2017

PHY 480/PHS 530: Methods of Teaching Physics I (Modeling Workshop in mechanics) will be offered in spring semester  2016, on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at 6pm – 8pm, at the ASU-Tempe campus.
  • For pre-service and in-service high school and community college science and math teachers.
  • Modeling Workshops are excellent preparation to pass the NES content test, teachers say.  Read their testimony at    modeling.asu.edu/MNS/MNS.html .
  • Future teachers of chemistry or earth/space science are urged to take this course. It will enhance their job prospects, because schools often need a physics teacher for one or two sections.
    PHY 480 is for undergraduates.
    PHS 530 is for in-service teachers and graduate students.
    Class dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Jan. 10 – May 2, 2017
                            (no class on March 7 & 9: ASU spring break)
    Times: 6 pm to 8 pm
    Location: Physical Sciences Center, H-wing, room 355 (PS-H355) on Tempe campus.
    Instructor: Kelli Gamez Warble, a high school physics and math teacher who has taught this course since 1998. Kelli is Teacher-in-Residence in the ASU Department of Physics.
     Low-cost parking in Lot 59 (2.5 blocks north). FREE parking on 8th Street. Light rail (1 block east).
     No textbook.
    Questions? Reply to jane.jackson@asu.edu

    * I’m a better teacher after modeling, I like my job more, I feel the kids walk away with real transferable skills.
    * It moves students in the direction of being independent learners, and it puts the responsibility for learning where it belongs – on the students.
    *  The Modeling program is the only one I have found that is truly grounded in how students learn and attacks head-on the misconceptions students have.
    *  It is the finest example of constructivist teaching in the U.S.  It has changed my life and the way I teach.
    *  A Presidential science awardee wrote: “In thirty years of teaching, nothing has impacted my teaching, since my first days of learning how to teach science in undergraduate school, like the ideas I’ve learned in modeling.  It is the best idea to enter the teaching methods I have ever seen.”

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