Summer 2018 Modeling Workshops by Content Area

Summer 2018 Modeling Workshops by Location

Kelli Warble

Kelli’s first exposure to modeling was in the 1990s, when she took the Methods of Teaching Physics course required for the certification program at Arizona State.  A few years later, she [...]

Spring 2018

Introduction to Modeling-Distance Learning

Introduction to Modeling Spring 2018 (** This course is currently full.  If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list, contact Wendy at Distance Learning [...]

Fall 2017 Modeling Physical Science at ASU

Arizona State University|Fall 2017 The ASU course  PHS 534 / PHY 494: “Methods of Physical Science Teaching” will be offered in fall semester  2017 on TUESDAYS AFTER SCHOOL (4:30 to [...]

Fall 2017

Modeling in the 1st Grade!

April 2017 Member Spotlight First let me tell you that I was a high school science teacher and received modeling training at BGSU.  It was awesome to implement and see the students become engaged [...]

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Physics Storylines