Stage 5 2005 to present

Concerned about the end of NSF funding for Modeling Instruction, a core group of STEM teachers formed the American Modeling Teachers Association in 2005.  AMTA was created to support teachers [...]

Stage 4 2002-2005

With NSF funding the Arizona State University MNS program originally designed for physics teachers expanded to include in-service teachers of chemistry and physical science. This stimulated the [...]

Stage 3 1998-2001

Teacher demand for high-quality professional development stimulated expansion of the Modeling Program into a full-blown graduate program at Arizona State University expressly designed to meet the [...]

Stage 2 1993–1999

NSF funding enabled extension of the Modeling Workshops nationwide. More than 200 teachers from almost every state in the nation attended intensive four-week Workshops on two successive summers [...]

Stage 1 1980–1992

The theoretical and practical foundations for Modeling Instruction were thoroughly developed, tested and published during this period of physics education research. In these early years, there [...]

Information for Parents

PARENTS: If your son or daughter is in the classroom of a teacher using Modeling Instruction, you’ve come to the right spot. For years, leaders in the Physics Education Research community [...]

Information for Students

STUDENTS: Is your teacher using Modeling Instruction? Here you will find information about the strengths of Modeling Instruction, as well at tips for being successful. For years, leaders in the [...]

Information for Administrators

ADMINISTRATORS: Principals and curriculum directors often ask how well Modeling Instruction aligns with the NGSS Science & Engineering Practices, as well as the Mathematical Practices from [...]