Practicum Webinar Success

Veteran modelers Jim Stankevitz and Rex Rice led an informative webinar where they discussed the role of lab practicums in the modeling physics classroom. They shared its historical development, offered insights regarding options for classroom use, and showed a number of recorded practicum examples to consider. 19 modeler with ranging lab practicum experience joined in the discussion. It provided an excellent opportunity to share insights and learn a great deal more about the topic. If you were not able to attend but would like to learn more about this subject, this webinar’s recording is available on the AMTA members site within the “Webinar Resources” button. It includes an extensive resource listing and a number of useful suggestions for using and developing class practicum. In the conversation Rex also referenced practicum from the Barber/Ryan book, which he basically does exactly as they are shown. This book is now available for free online. This is one reference that ought to be in the library of every physics teacher at the following link:

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